Many Features of Emailer v3.5

Fully Automated
    It is a Completely Automated Email Marketing System, which you can create your email messages with ease by using any font styles, inserting images and attaching files. All common text editing controls are available.

Browser Responsive
    Emailer creates Browser Responsive electronic direct mailers that appears great with any Desktops, Laptops, Smart Phones & Tablets in mind.

Built-In Email Extractor
    Emailer Email Extractor is a very flexible online Email Extractor designed to extract email addresses from websites and search engines. In most cases, all that is required to get results is to enter a valid URL (http://www) of a company, being local or overseas company.
Email Validator
    Email Validator is a unique program that verifies email address validity, thus keeping your mailing lists clean. List Hygiene is important as ISP (Internet Service Providers) mail servers normally block a sender's IP for recurring sending to invalid email addresses.
Built-In SMTP Key
    A good SMTP is key to better inboxing rate and we have flexible plans for you to choose from. There is no No Limits on how many you need to send on each campaign nor is there any expiry date to the email credits.

PRO Email Templates
    We provide 323 professional built-in HTML Email Template for you to choose when launching your email marketing campaign.

Easy Send Trial
    Send a test message to verify if the message and settings looks right and correct before actual sending over to your email recipients.

Email Tracker
    our advanced dashboard provides a Real-time, Accurate Statistics of WHO Clicks and WHO Opens - giving you infomation on the effectiveness of you campaign.
    Schedule delayed delivery of your email messages by specifying particular rules for your projects (email campaigns).

Send Monitoring
    Here you CAN Stop, Pause and Resume the sending process or just view the detailed reports anytime you like.

Report Generator
    With our Email Report Generator, you can easily generate a report with a list of sent through or failed emails for your reference.

Bounce Management
    Keeping your email list clean (composed only by active addresses) is essential to enhance your delivery rate. Our Bounce-Back Email Monitor will help you keep track of all your emails.
Recipient Management
    Create, Edit and Save your mailing lists along with any additional data for data merge/personalization.

Mail Merge
    Mail Merge is the perfect way to create a single e-mail message that contains unique variables. When the Mail Merge is run, each letter will be personalized so you CAN ADDRESS your reader by NAME.
Subscriber Manager
    It allows you to know who has Opted-In or Opted-Out for your future camapign. It is also easy to insert an unsubscribe link into your email. Users can unsubscribe by email or by visiting a special page on your website with an unsubscribe form.