The aim of Emailer
is to know and
understand your
Customer Better

It gives you the ability to Increase your Sales Revenue, Connect with your Existing and Potential Customers at the touch of a button and contains everything you need to launch your very own Email Marketing campaign. It is therefore Your Dynamics All-in-One Fully Integrated Email Marketing Software Solutions that you will be craving for.

Emailer v3.5 - As Easy As 1-2-3


Create Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing Campaign is defined as email messages which is used for sending special offers/promotions to solicit sales and increased revenues, or any email communication that is meant to build brand awareness, loyalty or trust.


Click and Send

Create your own HTML Email Presentations or leverage on our 323 built-in Professionally Design HTML templates. Push the "Start Now" button, and your product / service will be broadcasted out.


Monitor and Track Responses

Track the effectiveness of your campaign with our Built-in Powerful Tracking System:
i) How many emails have been send out?
ii) Who OPENS and read your emails?
iii) How many links in a message were clicked?
Ability to know who is ready to buy your product/service, and makes it easy to follow up with another email or a phone call.